Is time linear?

This is a pondering I had on a plane ride about 6 years ago. It’s an interesting look at what I think about when I have time to think. Disclaimer: I was not out to prove anything nor state any scientific facts. These are just my thoughts and nothing more. -RW

How do we know that time is linear and only moves forward?

Because we can see the sun move. It is in a different place each minute. Yes, but it does it over and over every day without stopping. It doesn’t end.

Because the seasons change. In order for the season to change, time has to move forward. Yes, but again, the seasons reoccur every year over and over without stopping.

Because people age and die. You can see a person age over the years; they are not the same at 70 as they were at 10. They also die so their time does end. Yes, but do we really know that a person’s existence end with death. If reincarnation is true, then lives are nothing more than continually reoccurring cycles.

Because of history and progress. We have inventions that did not exist 10, 20, or 50 years ago.  They have never existed and some will never exist again. Yes, but how do we know we are not in the middle of a “historic” cycle. That the whole eras of the solar system, or the galaxy, or the universe haven’t already happened.

It seems to me that we are a part of cyclic time. A time made up a many cycles. From as small as a minute to as large as the universe. Each working independently but together. The spin of the earth which creates our night and day which influences our minutes and hours. The orbit of the earth which creates our seasons which influences our months.

They say that history repeats itself. This may explain the rise and fall of civilizations and our inability to break habits. It could be due to our brains’ small ability to remember things. Perhaps had we the ability to remember, we would realize that nothing really changes. In which life would have much less meaning. Sounds like our faults are a good thing.

So, it seems that time is not linear but actually cyclical. -RW