Girl Geek… My Story

I’ve always been a tomboy. Sports, action figures, and Legos were much more interesting to me than dolls and stuff animals. Two of my favorite school subjects were Math and Science. I’ve always loved to see how things work but as a kid, I wasn’t allowed to take things apart. So, I had to resort to building things (a homemade flashlight, telescope, etc.) I probably checked out every science fair project book in the school library. So how did I get into technology? Well, technically speaking, science is technology so moving to computers is not so farfetched.

My first experience with computers is more of a myth than fact I’m sure.  Apparently, when I was 6 years old, my godmother found me playing Pong on their Commodore 64 (this is what I am told).Then there was really nothing but video games until I was 12. In the 7th grade, my class was allowed to take computers in school. We learned BASIC programming on a Macintosh computer. It was the coolest thing to this geeky science girl. Being able to create a program, troubleshoot it, and make it work was the ultimate thrill. The next year my mom caved into my pleadings and brought the family a Vendex computer (no hard drive but two 5 ¼ floppy drives). It ran on DOS only. I read the DOS manual front to back. I was so hooked that there was no turning back. From then on, nearly everything I’ve done involved computers (I did have a summer stint working at the Bronx Zoo. There I learned that computers are much friendlier than humans). Computers are as much as a part of my identity as my gender, my ethnicity, and my name. I’ve been a computer technician, graphic designer, web designer, database administrator, and now, an instructor.

Why do I stay in the technology field? That’s like asking a fish why it stays in water. Technology is what I do. I love showing other people how awesome it is. Part of my life’s mission is to get as many people into technology as I possibly can. Why aren’t more women in technology? I really don’t know, but you would be hell bent trying to drag me away from it.
Enhance, Enrich, Empower