This is something that has been bugging me for a while. Why is it that so many people in Generation X and Y are mooching off their parents? Every time I turn around, I hear about some Baby Boomer parent paying for their grown kids expenses. Not just helping them out with one or two bills. No, taking the responsibility to pay the expense(s) every month. If you’re over 21 and out of school, then you are GROWN and should be paying for your own expenses.

Can’t afford them? Then cut back and live within your means. Don’t get paid enough? Then get a new job. Don’t have the skills? Then go back to school. There are plenty of us still paying off our student loans 10 years later without any help. So guess what? Life is hard… for everyone. And your parents have already done their fair share of taking care of your behind.

Figuring a way to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle is what it takes to be an ADULT. Adolescence should not last through your 30’s or your 40’s. It should not end when your parents die. All of you moochers need to grow up and be an adult. Because, when you have run your parents into the grave, there won’t be anyone else there whose going to baby you. 


3 thoughts on “GROW UP!!!!

  1. And FYI lazyass, when your generation went to college you could do so working a summer job. And most of you boneheads never got beyond your associates degree! College costs are now bigger than your irresponsible subprime mortgages. So cry me a river about responsibility. You’re all a bunch of fuck ups who have ruined the system for your offspring.

    • I don’t disagree with you but before you rant on me you should find out more about me ( As you notice, I am not old enough for Social Security and my girls aren’t old enough to contribute yet, I’ve completed my Master’s degree and I rent an apartment. And I did it all with very little help from my parents because I chose to stand on my own two feet. Yes, I am talking to my peers, my generation and below, who could do better for themselves but choose to take the easy way out. My question is what happen to being independent and doing for yourself? Is that a value no longer important?

  2. Your generation is a bunch of government leeching, country ruining, losers who mooch off your own children via social security. You disgust me and you ought to be ashamed at what this country has turned into because of your generation. Loser.

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