God Opens Doors

img35372Yes, God has many doors ready and waiting to open for us. But sometimes there are things we must do to get to that door. Often there are obstacles to overcome. Sometimes there is debris and garbage in front of the door that we need to clear out in order to open it. All that work first, so that we can get to the door and it can be opened.

But… now that the door is open, are we ready for what on the other side. Have we prepared ourselves for the opportunity that God is giving us? Sometimes we ask to be rich, or famous, or have a particular job, or a particular person. But are we ready for it? Once we are rich, do we know how to manage the money? Once we are famous, do we know how to handle the fame? Once we get the job, can we do the work? Once we have the person, do we know how to love them? What good is it to have the door open and waste the opportunity?

Just food for thought…