I’m afraid they’ll think I’m smart

Covered MouthSo having guest writers on my blog isn’t working out quite like I hoped it would. Some people have expressed interest but somewhere between there and actually writing, things got lost. I must say that I am rather disappointed that they haven’t worked out.

I could assume that they all are too busy to take on such a task, but I’m a bit skeptical about that. I’m single mom with two kids, fully employed, and attending school… nah, time is not the issue. Perhaps they have nothing good to share? I know these people and converse with them regularly and they have plenty of good things to share. I’m often wowed by their depth of knowledge and unique insight. Nah, that’s not it either. The only thing I can think of is that they are afraid to share. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps they don’t feel that what they know is worth sharing. Perhaps they’re afraid people will think they are smart. Perhaps they really don’t want to share their knowledge with the world. To all of these I say SHAME!

Shame on you a hundred times. Many of us historically have not had the opportunity to voice our thoughts, comments, or insights. In this post-civil rights era, we all should take every opportunity to let our voice be heard. Many, many people fought for this opportunity, who are we to throw it away. Who are you to decide whether or not your thoughts, comments, or insights are worth sharing? If we were our own boss, we would never promote ourselves because we never feel that we are ready and able. It is the encouragement of others that enables us to move forward and try new things. And what you may deem as unimportant could be profound to someone else. Who are you to decide for us what is important. How could you be so selfish? Information was made to be shared. Otherwise gossip would have died long ago.

There are people in need of your knowledge so that they can make an informed choice. There are people in need of your insight so they can look at a problem differently. There are people in need of your wisdom so they can learn and grow. How can you be so selfish and not share yourself with the world. Why should only those near you be entitled to the benefits of knowing you. How can you that you are not best for the world. So to you who know so much and hold your information ransom to the world, I say SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!


One thought on “I’m afraid they’ll think I’m smart

  1. Gina,
    Girl. I never forgot that I said I would contribute to your blog. Writer’s block for 2 years? Inexcusable. I have ideas but putting finger to keyboard, don’t know what’s going on. Very sorry. I am proud that you are blogging and have continued. I’ll try to tie myself down to this, Promise. I haven’t given up yet, I always think about following through…
    be well.

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