Party Parody

What our political parties might say in regards to the sky being blue.

Democrats: We have completed a scientific investigation of the sky and have confirmed that it is blue. We would like to pass legislation to officially state that the color of the sky is blue. Everyone has a right to a blue sky.

Republicans: Hold on, how do we know that you completed the investigation correctly? And where will you get the money to pay for this legislation? And what about the rich and big business? Will they get a piece of the sky for themselves or do they have to share it with everyone else? This sounds very socialist.

Tea Partiers: Scientific investigations are just a ploy for the democrats to get their way. Saying that the sky is blue is just a belief and we believe that the sky is purple. But those democrats would like to force their socialist, communist beliefs on you and spend your tax money to make the sky blue. We will not stand for this! We must protest! The president is the devil and he’s going to send us to hell for believing the sky is blue!

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