Do not go gentle into that good night…

Beach_Sunset_at_Point_Chevalier_Beach_-_AucklandIt’s getting harder and harder to hear about someone near my age dying, particularly someone within my circle. Today I found out a colleague of mine, a fellow eLearning professional, died last week at the young age of 42. We spoke many times during our weekly group chats. I then got to hear his voice during a webinar and later got to see him via video during another webinar, before finally having the chance to meet him at a conference this spring. It only took 3 years.
He’s a great guy, even from the short time and moments I had to experience him. He is gone way way too soon.

Not only am I sad at the loss but I feel fear coming upon me. Perhaps it’s the closeness of age that brings to light my fears. It was mentioned that the day before he died, he and another colleague were discussing who would be their next guests on their eLearning show. He had even posted to his eLearning Facebook page the morning of his death. He was just going about his business as usual, not knowing the time he had left was so short. How many other of his things will now go unfinished?

I know that I am not finished here. There so many more things that I have yet to do. And then there are my girls; are they ready to be without me? Am I ready to leave them? If I were to go now, I definitely would be kicking and screaming.

So what does all this mean? To live healthy and safe so that you may live a long life? To live for the moment because the end could be so near? If life is about learning, what can we learn from this?