Fix what you can Change

change-the-worldI was about to start this post with the “Problem with this world is…”, but I stopped. It didn’t sound right. It was the same as saying “What’s wrong with the world is…”. But, it’s there anything wrong with it?

Some time ago, I had to speak with my daughter’s teacher. I was dreading the moment when she might say, “What’s wrong with your daughter is…”. Because, there is nothing wrong with her. She is as God made her. Just because she doesn’t fit into the teacher’s idea of how a person should be, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with her. If I didn’t like the idea of my daughter being described as wrong, how could I do that to the world?

The world is as it is. And rather than trying to “right” it, we should try to change it. But how? There are so many people to change. Well, we know we can’t change others. But we can change ourselves. Change yourself for the better and people will notice. Some people will change also. Just imagine the cascading effect of all those people changing because they saw someone else change.

So how do we “fix” what’s “wrong” with the world? By changing ourselves for the better. And with better people, the world will be a better place.