Lessons from your Parents


As adults, before we realize who we really are, we are the product of what our parents have taught us. And what our parents have done, has taught us way more than anything they have said.

I learned from my father that I was not worth of staying around for. That I did not deserve his time, attention, or love. My mother taught me that you do whatever you can for people, regardless of how bad they treat you. If you give more, then maybe they’ll stay and treat you right.

I brought both of these lessons into every relationship I have had, with a man or woman. I would do all that I could for my friends, lovers, and family, in hopes that they will like me, maybe love me, and stay around. All the while feeling that I did not deserve their friendship or love.

Look, look, look at your own relationships. See what they all have in common. Then look at what you saw your parents do and how it made you feel. Identify the connection between the two. If you have been wondering why you attract the same problems or problem people in your life, this may be why.