Reality check: Your life does not equal mine

Here is an excerpt from a post on my business blog in which I rant about people pushing their technology onto others. You can read the whole post here.


It really irks me when people tell other people what to buy without asking any questions.

Just as soon as someone posts about a device dying or their contract ending, there’s flurry of “Buy an iPad/iPhone”, “Get a Samsung/HTC/Nexus”. How the hell do you know what someone should buy without asking questions?!?! There are many reasons why a person won’t buy the tech you have. Let me point out just three:

To switch between Apple, Android, and/or Windows has a financial impact. Not just on the purchase of the new device but on the repurchase of all the software/apps.

Learning Curve:
Yes, it takes time to learn how to use a new device. There is the learning curve that comes with any switch to a new format or layout…

So, I will suggest rather than tell people what they should buy, you could tell them about your experience with your technology. But, unless you know the person really well AND know about/have experience in the other technologies, do us all a favor and KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT!

The thing is, this applies to not just technology. So many people think that their life is how everyone’s life should be. So the first chance they get, they tell you what you ought to do. “You need a husband/wife.”, “You just gotta buy this expensive thing.”, “Owning a place is the best thing you could do.”, “You should never consider not going Ivy League.”

Blah, blah, blah. They have all the answers to everything because what they have has made their life so perfect. But that’s right. It has made their life perfect. You may not have the credit to own a place. That expensive item may be more than you need. The Ivy Leagues may not be the best place for the major you want to study.

If they ever stop to ask a few questions, they would realize these things. But they won’t. Because they can’t imagine a world that is unlike theirs. Or, they want you to join their world no matter how miserable you will be in it. They are oblivious to the fact that people are different and may want something other than what they have.

So to all those who would love to tell us how we should live our lives: if you don’t care to ask before you assume, then don’t feel offended when we ask you to SHUT YOUR TRAP!.