Thanks Mom!


As I get older, I am realizing how much I have learned from my mom, good and bad. Here is one of the good ones.

I remember as a kid, overhearing my mom recounting an experience she had with a student of hers. My mom taught in the NYC public school system for over 30 yrs.

One particular day she had sent a letter home with a kid asking for his mom to come in for a conference. The kid told her that his mom couldn’t come talk to her because his mom had to work. My mom replied “you mean to tell me that your mom feels her work is more important than you? You should know that if anything happens to one of my children, I am leaving you all right here and going to my child. Nothing is more important than my children.”

I live by these words every day. Every job I’ve had I’ve made sure it was family friendly. Because, if anything was to happen to one of my children, I will leave those people right there and go see about them.

Thanks Mom!