“You should know!”

girls-talking_1978668cWe are very overconfident about what we think people know about ourselves. We assume that or friends and love ones have been paying meticulous attention to our every nuanced like and dislikes.

Think about how many close friends and family members you have. Think about how much time you spend with them. Think about how much time you spend with them talking about yourself. When you’re talking about yourself you probably are not paying that much attention to them. Instead you are in your head fixated on your thoughts and problems. Imagine how many things about your friend or family member you didn’t notice in that conversation.

Did you notice them stare at that good-looking bag someone was carrying? Did you notice them mention how they like the desert at the other restaurant? Do you remember them get excited seeing the ad on the side of the bus? But yet we assume that they did all this for us.

Until we humans evolve to have mind reading capabilities, we will have to forgive each other for not knowing things. Like knowing your favorite TV show this season, or remembering how much you despise tomatoes, or how you prefer warm day over cold days unless it’s snowing. We, after all, are only human.