How I came to the conclusion that I don’t want a Non-White Savior movie

Not too long ago, I watched a video about the great white savior stereotype of Hollywood cinema and it got me thinking. My first thought was to ask my aspiring director friend to create a movie where a group of non-whites have to save the whites. Then I started developing the story line.

“Why would the non-whites have to save them? From a disease, yeah. In fact, a disease that they created; like they did with AIDS. Something that would only attack them, that only went after Caucasians. It would have to be tied to their light pigmentation; a gene perhaps, so it wouldn’t affect light-skinned Asians. But most skin diseases cause dark people to become lighter. Yeah! What if there was a skin disease like Vitiligo that cause white skin to become dark. They created a disease that would only attack dark melanin but it attacked light melanin instead and made them dark. Bahahaha!! That would be some shit! Oh, they would be so terrified if that happened. At first, it was cool because it looked they were tanning, but it didn’t stop until they were Black.”

Now I know it’s a bit incredible, but it would be funny as hell. Well to us anyway, the non-whites and our white friends who understand where we’re coming from.

So here’s what I’m thinking the movie would be like:

“The whites have managed to amass most of the world’s money and resources for themselves while the rest of the world lives at or below the poverty line. They whites basically enclosed themselves in pocket cities throughout the world, with border patrol keeping out anyone who doesn’t pass the skin test or have a border pass. This is life until one day; the world begins to notice the rapid spreading of an affliction. Those with border passes are affected and bring the affliction back to their towns, but seem to recover rather quickly, or are mildly affected. But news gets out that in the white cities; the affliction is much more deadly. Those whites who haven’t been affected seek to flee the cities but find the rest of the world lacking in their necessities. It also turns out that the resources needed to find a cure for the affliction are only located in the white cities (because they have stripped the world of all the best resources). But many of the brightest white minds back in the cities are either sick or dead from the affliction. And those that have escaped, fear going back lest they catch the affliction. And BTW, the white cities are still off-limits to the non-whites due to border laws. Oh what of the plight of the white people!”

This is the movie that Hollywood should make. One that will make Rush Limbaugh and all of Fox News very very nervous. One that will shake up the white complacency that everything is alright and that they are safe. One that shows them how it feels to be non-white, to be threatened, to be colonized, to be trapped and have to depend on the ones you took advantage of. I only proposed the premise of the movie, and I debate myself with how it should end. Do we let them suffer and die do to their own pride and stupidity? Or do we help them and be their savior. One or two of us, who go live in their world, get to know their customs, become “one” of them, only to be betrayed by our own people who seek to take advantage of the whites weakened status. (Brief aside: I feel that the white response to the latter, no matter how exact in plot it is to their myriad of white savior movies, will be “See, they aren’t any good anyways. They’ll just kick us when we’re down.)

I haven’t decided because both endings seem equally right in my mind. The first would be such poetic justice as they have perpetuated their own demise. But it wouldn’t right. Whereas the second is the right thing to do; but I can see it not playing out well for our saviors. WTH! It’s my movie! Our saviors will be heroes accepted into white society as one of them. But, so much for the rest of the world.

One thing I just realized is that although, the white savior movie type assumes that only the whites can save the world from evil. It also assumes that the rest of the whites are evil. In most cases, the white savior is saving the people from the other whites who seek to exploit and destroy the people. It would be great for some non-whites to be the great savior, but following Hollywood’s formula, that would mean that the rest of the non-white world is evil. And it’s not. I would rather lose the great non-white savior story than to have all non-whites deemed as evil.

Thanks for listening 🙂