There’s no formula to being successful

I am tired of people pushing what they think makes people successful. Every other article or post is “7 Habits of Successful People” or “What Successful People Do in the Morning” What’s next? “Things Successful People Do on Holidays”? These so-called pieces of advice irk me for two reasons:

First, I am sure not every successful person does all of these things. Some successful people may do many of the items and most of the items are done by successful people. But not all successful people do all of the items. Even if 80% of successful people do all of those things, guess what? 20% don’t and they are still successful. With that, how do you know if you should be part of the 80% or 20%. Honestly, I’ll just be myself and do my thing and become successful my way.

And secondly, what do we define as successful? A certain amount of income? A certain level of education? A house, spouse, 2.5 kids and a pet?

Am I successful? Well I know that I am more successful than a whole lot of people. My income is well above the national median and I have an advanced degree. My degree alone makes me more successful than 85% of America. And based on stereotypical expectations of my gender and race, yes I am very successful. Do I do half of the items they suggest? No. (Particularly not the morning items).

So quit with all the formulas to success. We all are made differently and have different attributes that match our different contexts. It is in using those attributes to reap the most benefit out of your context that makes you successful.