Stop trying to save everyone!

Only in The States we tell people that they are responsible for their own actions and then we do everything to protect them from their own stupidity. ~ anonymous poster

quotes-about-death-buddhaI know I’ll probably get a lot of flak about this but, we are over protecting life. Life is not that sacred. Because we are at the top of the food chain, we can say that life is sacred. Because we have learned to use tools and make clothing we can say that life is sacred. But really, we are fragile and are meant to die. There are a gazillion natural and unnatural ways humans can die. We need to accept that. We need to accept that people do and must die. We must stop trying to save everyone.

We have over-protected ourselves. With everything padded and protected, there’s no reason for people to be careful. There’s no reason to become a master at what you do, because there’s always a safety net to catch you. Helmets, guards, protective gear, and warnings about the obvious, merely keep us in an imaginary protective bubble. God forbid should we or our kids scrape a knee, break an arm, or learn what not to do the hard way. And if we do hurt, no matter how insignificant, we can always blame someone else for not protecting us.

Medicine has been great in saving people and helping them live longer. But diseases like prostrate cancer have grown where it didn’t exist years ago. And now we have vaccines for non-fatal illnesses because God forbid a parent misses work to take care of their child. If you haven’t noticed, every time we eradicate one disease, another one appears. Every time we find something to fight a disease, or virus, it mutates and becomes stronger. We will never be able to get rid of all the things that can make us sick. We will never be able to protect ourselves from everything. We are going to die, regardless of what we do. Get over it.

And rather than prolong the agony of living on this polluted and corrupted world, why don’t we use our time and money to make the world better for the short time we do have it.