Parenting through the Rough

BLOGteendeepressionIn every parent’s life, there is a time when your relationship with your child will be rough. And I mean earthquake rough. You will wonder what is wrong with your child. You will question everything you’ve done as a parent. You will be tested.

You will get tired. All your energy will be drained from you. You will turn to your God, curse your God, or stop believing in God. You will cry. But it will pass. Do not let this time define who you are as a parent.

For most of you reading this, you are a good parent. You have done everything in your power to teach and protect your child. But everyone trips and falls at some time, through their own fault or not. We just need to keep parenting them through the rough. This time will affect the rest of their life. But this time does not define the rest of their life.

You are a good parent. And if you continue to be a good parent, they will be fine.