The Truth Behind TGIF People

I am always skeptical of people who cheer “TGIF!” It really doesn’t make sense to me. To me people who say “TGIF!” belong in one of 3 categories:

  • People who enjoy running errands
  • People with really awesome jobs that get errands done during the week
  • People who are miserable with their job.

Just think about it. When I hear “TGIF!” three things come to mind:

  1. Errands: For most people, the weekends are about getting done all tgif-now-i-get-to-spend-the-next-two-days-running-errands-and-doing-chores-waitwhat-3d3f5the things you weren’t able get done during the week (like laundry, cleaning, food shopping, etc.) I wouldn’t exactly call this stuff fun. So to say “TGIF!” means you’re happy to get to the weekend to do all those not fun things. That’s just odd.
  2. Awesome job: Or, you have somehow managed to do all your chores and errands during the week, so now you have time to have fun. Which then makes me think, “What kind of job do you have?”
  3. You’re miserable: How miserable are you in your job that you cheer when the weekend comes? Are you that unhappy with being at work that being one day away from Saturday makes you jump with joy? Now, I know this applies to a lot of people but my advice is… life is too short to be miserable.

Just something to think about before the next time you exclaim “TGIF!”