Their fear of revenge

There was a time in this country, not too long ago, when if you were not White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and male you could be considered cattle and/or non-human, have your property and land taken away, and be denied various human rights like housing and jobs (Irish and Jews), or your life (all people of color).
The descendants of these people know of and remember the atrocities that their forefathers committed. And each time they hear about the decline in the White population¬†and the growth of the minorities and minority “sympathizers”, they become more afraid. Because when your history is filled with violence and disrespect for human life and human rights, you fear those you have wrong will eventually take revenge.quote-fear-of-something-is-at-the-root-of-hate-for-others-and-hate-within-will-eventually-destroy-the-george-washington-carver-33113 I believe many of the ridiculous laws and policies being pushed through and passed are the result of this fear. It’s a need to further control those that have been wronged to prevent them from exacting the revenge the oppressors have envisioned. (Mind you, a revenge they would have no problem enacting if the tables were turned).
They are afraid, very afraid. As we continue to learn and earn degrees and privileges that were only available to white men, they fear that we are getting too powerful. That soon they will be out of power and we will enact our revenge. How do you rationalize with the irrational? How do you survive when your very existence is a threat and must be oppressed or eradicated?