Why I left my job of 12 years

fallorfly3 years ago, I knew that I was leaving but I didn’t know exactly when. 1-3 years is what I told my manager. By last year, I had planned to wait until 2018 – after my younger kid graduated. But came January, I knew that it was time to go.

Why did I leave the job I had for 12 years? It wasn’t the pay (I made almost 6 figures); I wasn’t stagnant in my career (I had received 3 promotions); and the benefits are awesome compared to other places. No, it was more than that:

  • I want to make a bigger impact. I couldn’t reach those who would really benefit from my help from there.
  • I became too busy doing what I wasn’t excited about.
  • The amount of work was negatively affecting my personal life.
  • I didn’t want to work that hard for very little reward.
  • The work wasn’t worth the long aggravating commute.
  • I want to spread my wings and try other things.
  • I did not feel as though I fit in with the new culture.
  • I looked at everything in my life and my job was the one thing I wasn’t happy about.
  • I need to focus on what I was put on this Earth to do.

Even with the negative reasons, I bear my former employer no ill will. It was a good run; a good 12  years. I grew up there and learned a lot. That place helped me to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence that I have now, so I can go out on my own. I encountered so many helpful people there, that I can only pay them back by paying it forward; by helping others and being successful at it. It was not an easy decision, but it was the right decision.


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