This is something that has been bugging me for a while. Why is it that so many people in Generation X and Y are mooching off their parents? Every time I turn around, I hear about some Baby Boomer parent paying for their grown kids expenses. Not just helping them out with one or two bills. No, taking the responsibility to pay the expense(s) every month. If you’re over 21 and out of school, then you are GROWN and should be paying for your own expenses.

Can’t afford them? Then cut back and live within your means. Don’t get paid enough? Then get a new job. Don’t have the skills? Then go back to school. There are plenty of us still paying off our student loans 10 years later without any help. So guess what? Life is hard… for everyone. And your parents have already done their fair share of taking care of your behind.

Figuring a way to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle is what it takes to be an ADULT. Adolescence should not last through your 30’s or your 40’s. It should not end when your parents die. All of you moochers need to grow up and be an adult. Because, when you have run your parents into the grave, there won’t be anyone else there whose going to baby you. 

Budgets: Don’t go shopping without one

Monthly_BudgetSo, how much money do you have in your checking account? Don’t know? Well, what about the balance on your credit card? Or how is your 401k doing? If you can’t answer any of these, then it’s time to get your finances in line. If you don’t have a budget, or know where your money is going, then how do you if you can afford that trip to the Bahamas? Where’s your plan to get out of debt or to pay off your student loan? It’s time to open up that spreadsheet program and get to work. Or if your more old fashioned, break out a ledger pad. If you need help starting one, check out this article.
I personally prefer to use an online personal finance program. My reason is that I can check my account balances from any computer: home, work, my sister’s. If your interested in that route then here’s a list of the most popular ones out there now. you can also check out this page for a longer list of personal finance web apps.

Budgets: Don’t go shopping without one.

Start Investing NOW!

j0428291I admit that for the longest, I was scared to invest my money in anything more than a CD (certificate of deposit). I didn’t have much money to spare and I was afraid that I could lose it all in one bad investment. Even when I started my 403b with my current job, I was afraid to allocate money in the stocks. But I’m here to tell you, Stop being afraid and invest NOW! Particularly if you have 20 or more years until retirement. If you don’t believe me, read this article.

And if you need more information about how to invest your money, check out Sharebuilder’s Investment Education site. Sharebuilder is who I use to invest (not an endorsement), but there are other good ones also. Guess what? You gotta do your homework. But as the saying goes, anything good worth getting is worth working for.