Kid Moments #2

Nae: There’s no state with the letter Q in it’s name.
Me: Yes, that’s true.
Ni: There’s none with the letter Z.
Me: Arizona.
Ni: Oh, I thought that was an S. What about B?
Me: Nebraska.
Nae: Boston.
Ni: That’s not a state.
Nae: It’s not?
Me: Where is Boston?
Ni & Nae: *blank stare*
Nae: Texas?
Ni: No, that’s Austin.
Me: (shaking my head, thinking how I’ve failed them) 


Some Hump Day Fun

Some years ago I fell in love with the Hallmark characters Hoops and Yoyo. These are two of the funniest characters you’ll ever meet. Don’t believe me? Just play the clip below. Guaranteed you will have a good laugh.

“You know, in the middle of every week there a hump. A big ol’ bump. It’s called Wednesday!”…